North Hills, NC

You may hear the area near Six Forks and I-440 called Midtown, as well as North Hills. One of the draws of North Hills is the North Hills shoppingcollection, which is a mixed-use center with everything – from shops and a movie theatre, to restaurants, a grocery store, many apartment complexes and even a bowling alley. It’s more than just a shopping center, though – there’s a farmers market in the summer and events in the evening and holidays throughout the year. You would never suspect that this center, with its hip vibe and modern design, used to be a rundown mall.

Young professionals tend to love the vibe of the area and gravitate towards the apartment complexes. For families looking for a house with a yard, the North Hills area includes several neighborhoods with older homes (often renovated) with beautiful wooded lots. The schools are highly rated, and the location is very convenient no matter where you are headed. It’s also a quick drive to downtown or NC State University, especially if you time your trips so you don’t run into rush hour traffic.

The biggest downside is that traffic on Six Forks and I-440 often backs up in the morning and evening. But you can always ditch your car and head out on foot to the North Hills Shopping Center.